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About the Practitioner

I'm Lisa Telthorst, of Life In Balance Massage Therapy, now located at Creekside Massage, in Ellisville Missouri.  Thank you for visiting my website!

I established my business in 2007, following graduation from The Healing Arts Center in St. Louis.  Following private practice in Kirkwood, Missouri from 2007-2017, I joined Maggie Blais, owner/practicioner at Creekside Massage, in Ellisville Missouri.

Before entering massage therapy training, I practiced clinical dental hygiene for more than 25 years.  While I maintain my DH license, I practice only very occasionally.  Dentistry in general is very hard on our bodies.  I developed recurring back and neck pain, spasms and dimished range of motion.  When the usual treatment failed, I was referred to chiropractic care, and received my first massage during that year of treatment.  As I left the doctor's office that day, I was surprised and relieved to be almost free of pain, able to move normally and feel more healthy than when I began my DH career.  I returned for massage regularly and learned correct postural habits, breathing and stress management (if you didn't already suspect, dentistry is stressful no matter which side of the chair you're on, or in!). 

By then, I was bitten by the "massage bug", and as a healthcare professional looking for a broader focus to help people maintain their health, massage therapy was a natural choice for me to make.  Nearly 10 years from that first massage, I changed careers and believe it is the perfect fit for me, physically (sitting down all day, hunched over patients did not help my back or neck!) spiritually (massage rooms are generally quiet, serene, and peaceful) and professionally ("love what you do, and you'll never work a day in your life" is so true).

My motto and philosophy is "massage improves everything" and I am blessed to be able to introduce new clients to this ideal, and continue to help veteran clients in their quest for the best level of health.  Massage therapy, in so many forms, helps you deal with physical and emotional issues by reducing the body's response to stress.  When you are able to control your system's response to any sort of negative stimuli, the byproducts of that reaction--what we call "bad" chemicals, stress hormones, etc.--have far less ability to manifest as headaches, spasms, hypertension, or chronic pain and disease.  It doesn't happen overnight, but regular massage and decompression therapy truly does give you the boost you need to meet life's challenges, small or not, and maintain your health.

When I'm not treating clients, I'm usually outside---no matter the weather---involved in some sort of physical pursuit.  My family, my sons and our dogs enjoy being out in nature, exercising and staying connected.  (I wish we could take our dogs to MOBOT, but oh well....).

There's an old adage: "there's nothing like a convert".  While usually referring to a religious conversion or breaking a bad habit, I consider myself a massage therapy convert!  I say this honestly, as a massage client before becoming a massage provider.  The benefits of therapy motivated me to change careers after 25+ years, and I have never regretted the decision.  I hope to meet you soon, and introduce you to the same benefits, to help you attain and maintain optimum health.

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